Summer is a Positive Season


3 Tips On Creating a Happy Summer

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Summer is synonymous with leisure. This season is a time to relax, take rest, and refresh ourselves. It reminds us to soak in the sun, enjoy nature with the sounds of the sea, and catch fireflies. Fruit is ripe for picking. Summer vegetables are plentiful. Flowers grace gardens. Memories are created.

You may have plans to travel to the beach, hang out in your backyard, or wade a creek. Summer is a time to enjoy and take notice of all these wonderful things. It’s an abundant season of rest and recharge. 

Here are 3 tips on how you can create a memorable, relaxing summer:

1 – Slow Down

Go with the flow of the season. Slow your roll. Enjoy all the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of summer. Take an early morning stroll, visit a local park or shop your local farmer’s market. 

2 – Have Fun

Grab a picnic basket and fill it with delicious goodies – a picnic is a fun way to bring variety into your meals. Watch a movie outdoors enjoying the summer evening. Turn on the sprinkler to cool off. Look for shapes in the clouds. Search for free concerts and events

3 – Try Something New

What a perfect time to try something new! As you are slowing down, you’ll create time and energy to spend on something you’ve always wanted to try. Learning a new skill or trying something new is a great way to shake things up and build self-esteem. It could be to read a book, try a new recipe or visit a new place. 

Whatever it is, you have all season to relax. Enjoy this positive season! 

Julia Chang is a contributing writer for Harford County Living in her online column, Positive Living with Julia Chang. She is a health and fitness motivator, 4th degree Taekwondo black belt, and mom of three littles. She is featured in STRONG Fitness magazine for her motivational coaching. Find her on Instagram or Facebook

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