Interview with Randie McConnell of Faye Daniel Designs


How did Faye Daniel Designs start?    
When I was a little girl, my paternal grandmother would let me play with all her jewels from around the world. I would admire their sparkling colors and could not wait to be old enough to wear them. When I was 11, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and hospitalized for 5 weeks. To help me through this difficult time, my father bought me beads and I started making bracelets for the nurses. Through the years my love of beautiful gems continued to grow and I always knew I wanted to share their beauty with others. In 2004 Faye Daniel Designs was established. Inspired by the memory of two extraordinary people in my life, my late husband Daniel, and my grandmother, Faye. Their name’s encompass everything soft and gentle and strong and confident. Being in the business of love, it’s so exciting for me to bring a bride’s vision of her special day to radiant life. Let me help you discover and design something beautiful for your wedding: unique and precious – like you and your beloved.” Randie McConnell

Who makes up Faye Daniel Designs?
Randie McConnell, is the owner and founder of Faye Daniel Designs. Her love is working with brides and creating beautiful designs for her customers.  Brenda Horton, our office manager has been with Faye Daniel Designs for 7 years. She is also one of the artisans that create and produce our beautiful designs. Michelle has worked in the design industry for most of her career. Barb Baye, another amazing artisan, is an metalsmith and has her own business besides working with Faye Daniel Designs for 9 years. Toni Blais, is part of our sales force and has been working with brides for 6 years.  Katie Kinslow, is our social media guru!We are always looking for skilled artisans, please contact us if interested in a part time position. 

How are you inspired to create pieces?
I get inspired by nature, the beautiful colors of flowers, the greenery that surrounds us and the colors of sunsets. Everything I look at I see from a design perspective. Our brides also inspire us! They bring in ideas and we get to bring that to life!

Could you share the process of what you do?
Our process starts when we meet with our bride. At our consultation, we establish what her vision is for her day. Since we have been doing this so long we have a way of helping the bring decide what works best for “her unique look”. We talk about metal options. We work with gold, silver and rose gold metals. Then, we walk around our showroom and find out what appeals to her. We bring those designs into our office where she tries on her selections.We might go into our design studio where we have many choices of Swarovski crystal colors, pearls, semi-precious stones, etc. We can pull from our inventory, the colors and shapes and lay the design out right then. There are timeswhen we have to get back to our bride with a picture of the design. Once the pieces are agreed upon, we write up the order,order materials in and get her on our design schedule. That process from start to finish is usually 4-6 months. We work by wedding date so we ask our brides to come to us as soon as they buy a dress. 

What’s your favorite part of the process? 
Meeting with our brides! Being in the business of love, it’s so exciting for me to bring a bride’s vision of her special day to radiant life. I love when our brides come in and challenge us with whatever their theme is for their wedding and want to bring that into their accessories. The look on our brides face when she see the finished products.

What’s something you’d love for readers to know about Faye Daniel Designs? 
We have been styling brides since 2008. We do this all day everyday. We LOVE what we do! Brides from all over bring in their dress or a picture of it to help with the process.  A lot of people do not realize we have a design studio that is filled with semi-precious stones in many shapes and sizes, freshwater pearls, in any color and shape you like! Swarovski crystals in 125 colors and any type of bead and finding you could imagine. We work in gold, rose gold and silver.We work in all price points. 

How can readers reach you?
Instagram @fayedanieldesigns
Facebook @Faye Daniel Designs
24 S. Main Street Bel Air, MD

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