Choose a Word for the Year!


Why it’s powerful in meeting your goals

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Happy New Year! It’s 2021!

This is the time where many start the year strong with excitement to achieve great things! It is often with resolutions and goals. Choosing a word for the year to focus on is gaining popularity. 

A word for the year is like setting a theme for the year. It will serve as a gentle, constant reminder for you to make positive changes in your life. Some prefer a word over goals. Others use the word to drive their efforts to meeting their goals. You decide how you want that word to serve you. 


Ask yourself:

What do I want to improve on? 

What changes do I want to see in my life?

How do I want to feel?

What do I want more of?

For example: Let’s say your word is confidence. You may want to choose a version of the word itself “confident” – pretty straightforward, right? Or perhaps, you could choose “Beyonce” – powerful woman of great beauty and confidence. Or maybe even “pineapple” – stand tall like a pineapple and wear a crown. Are you beginning to see what I mean? You want the word to be meaningful to you that will serve as a reminder of what you want to focus on. 

Using a dictionary or thesaurus are great tools! Start somewhere and see where it takes you. Have fun with it! You want to create a good feeling around that word.

This word should help you focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions to help you ultimately get closer to your goals. Your word will help keep you on track when you wander off.  

A few things to keep in mind…

You aren’t limited to choosing just one word. Spend some time thinking about the questions above. Perhaps there are a few words that stick out. Perhaps, it’s even a phrase that resonates with you. There’s no hard and fast rules – this is for you, so do what feels right and let that serve you best!

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