Eco-Cool HVAC Becomes the Exclusive HVAC Company for Harford County Living


It’s an exciting time for all of us at Harford County Living! We are thrilled to announce that Eco-Cool HVAC has stepped up as our Chesapeake Level Sponsor, becoming our exclusive HVAC company partner. This collaboration brings together two entities dedicated to serving and uplifting the Harford County community.


Eco-Cool HVAC is not just another HVAC company. This veteran-owned and operated business has been a beacon of reliability in Harford County, extending its services to Baltimore and Cecil Counties in Maryland. Since 2010, Steven Kroedel has led Eco-Cool HVAC with the aim to provide rapid response times, ensuring that you are never left sweltering in the heat or shivering in the cold.

Why is Eco-Cool HVAC So Special?

  1. Expertise at its Best: With mechanics seasoned in the art of HVAC, they can suggest and install the perfect system tailored for your home or office.
  2. Reliability in Service: Eco-Cool HVAC’s team is not just qualified, they’re dependable. Always there when you need them, they ensure that every detail is attended to with precision.
  3. Dedication to Excellence: They don’t just strive to meet your expectations. They aim to exceed them, ensuring that every project stands as a testament to their workmanship.
  4. Rooted in Values: As veterans with international experience, the team has seen the various facets of life. They cherish the peace they found at home and established Eco-Cool HVAC with the aim to help their fellow residents of Bel Air.
  5. We’re There When You Need Us: With same-day services and a free system replacement quote, they prioritize your convenience.

Harford County Living: Spreading Positivity

Harford County Living, with its dedication to bringing forth the positive aspects of the community, features uplifting news, engaging podcasts, spotlight segments like Pets of the Week, Artist of the Week, and much more. By partnering with Eco-Cool HVAC, we aim to extend our commitment to showcasing the best of Harford County.

Reach Out to Eco-Cool HVAC Today!

If you are in need of any HVAC services, from furnace & boiler repair to commercial refrigeration or just need some HVAC advice, don’t hesitate. Give Eco-Cool HVAC a call at +1(443) 324-9714 or visit their website Eco-Cool HVAC to know more.

Together, Harford County Living and Eco-Cool HVAC aim to keep our community informed, engaged, and comfortable all year round!

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