Artist of the Week for September 5, 2023


Congratulations To Our Artist Of The Week

Jodi Harvey

About the Artist:

Jodi Harvey is a visionary artist who possesses a unique ability to bring stories to life through her intricate and captivating book sculptures. With a profound passion for both art and literature, Jodi’s creative journey stems from her deep appreciation for the world of storytelling.

As an avid reader, Jodi has always been fascinated by the immersive nature of books. The way literature transports readers to new realms and introduces them to characters with whom they form profound connections inspired her to merge these two artistic mediums. Jodi’s conviction that the cherished books we read should transcend their pages and become tangible, visual experiences led to the birth of her remarkable book sculptures.

Through her art, Jodi strives to materialize the intangible. She believes that the characters we hold dear should step out of the confines of the pages and reveal their stories in a tangible form. The vivid images that take shape in our minds as we read deserve to be shared with the world. Jodi’s book sculptures are the embodiment of this vision – a medium that transforms written narratives into three-dimensional masterpieces.

For Jodi Harvey, her book sculptures are more than just art; they are a profound connection between literature and visual expression. Each sculpture is a testament to her dedication to giving stories a palpable existence. Jodi’s creations don’t just represent characters and plots; they capture the essence of storytelling itself, inviting viewers to experience the magic of literature in a new and captivating way.


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