Fallston Podcaster Joins the International Positive Change Podcast Awards Circle of Winners


Speak Up Talk Radio recently announced the 2023 International Positive Change Podcast Awards contest winners.

One of the winning entries was from Fallston, Maryland podcaster Adele M. Gill, whose podcast titled The Inspiration Café Podcast won first place in the faith-based category.

Local Podcaster/Blogger/Author

As a local podcaster, blogger, and author who has lived in Harford County for 44+ years, Adele is the mother of 2 grown children, a retired RN, and a certified Chaplain. She is the podcast host of The Inspiration Café Podcast, which she started in February 2022 https://theinspirationcafeblog.net/podcast/ and is the founder and author of a companion blog that shares the same name, The Inspiration Café Blog, that has been going strong for the past 13 years that started back in 2010. https://theinspirationcafeblog.net/blog/

A prolific writer, Adele is also the author of 6 books including, ‘How to Go from Broken to Blest,’ and is presently working on her 7th book, ‘Everyone Has a Thorn.’

Spotlight on the Inspiration Café Podcast

According to Adele: “I feel so honored to have won the 2023 International Positive Change Podcast Award, and hope and pray that this podcast, and my writing, will be a blessing to others. I see this podcast as a wonderful opportunity to share the Christian faith, the love of God, with people from all walks of life in a very informal way, both here and around the world via the internet. There is such simplicity in the Christian faith, as it’s all about love of God and others. As a Chaplain, I see my podcast and blog as online ministries. It is my small way of giving back, as I feel that my family and I are truly blessed in so many ways. The Inspiration Café Blog and Podcast each began as ways to reach out to both Christian believers and non-believers, alike. Every podcast focuses on a carefully selected, timely, practical, and faith-based topic, and provides an avenue for listeners to grow in their faith from the comfort of their homes. Each episode focuses on an uplifting, hope-filled Bible scripture, and is meant to provide inspiration, encouragement, and hope to my listeners.”

Here is a sampling of some past podcast topics:

·       An Extraordinary Miracle

·       Who’s Fighting Your Battles?

·       Praying Friends

·       Settling Disputes & Arguments

·       No Greater Love

·       The Secret to Starting Anew

·       Forgiveness & Peace

·       The Most Stolen Bestseller of All Times

·       Overcoming Addiction

·       Fear-less Faith

·       Antidote for Stress

About the 2023 International Positive Change Award

Podcasters worldwide submitted their work to the International Positive Change Podcast Awards. To recreate an authentic listening experience, each podcast entry is judged by six judges who listen to several episodes in their entirety. Patricia J. Rullo, founder of the awards, says, “While this involves a lot of time, we feel it is the only way to really listen, hear, and ‘get’ the nuances of the podcast. All judges commit to a set of standardized criteria to evaluate the content’s quality and production aspects. Only entries with the highest scores are awarded the Positive Change Podcast Award.

Why is it called Positive Change? The Positive Change Podcast Awards add a charitable twist. All submission fees go toward an ongoing project to help renovate and transform homeless shelters for women and children by sending handmade, fun, and colorful pillowcases to the shelters. In this way, the podcasters get notoriety for their work while helping to transform homeless shelters into bright and happy homes. Pat adds, “It is a rewarding venture for everyone. We also send large boxes of children’s books to the shelters.”

New episodes of The Inspiration Café Podcast air on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Podchaser, Spreaker, among other podcast venues.

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