Artist of the Week for June 13, 2023


Congratulations To Our Artist Of The Week

The Sicilian Tenors

About the Artist:

Prepare to be swept away on a captivating musical journey with The Sicilian Tenors. These talented tenor voices, Aaron Caruso, Elio Scaccio, and Sam Vitale, transport audiences through the realms of Hollywood, Broadway, and Italy, serenading them with a magnificent repertoire of beloved songs that have captured the hearts of America. Their performances are filled with lighthearted fun, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Renowned for their extraordinary talent, The Sicilian Tenors have garnered critical acclaim, including an award-winning program showcased on PBS and Public Television Stations across the nation. Their enchanting music reaches audiences far and wide, with their recordings available on major platforms worldwide.

The Sicilian Tenors have graced prestigious stages, including the iconic Carnegie Hall and NBC’s legendary Saturday Night Live studio, where they captivated global audiences during a Comcast Special. From Las Vegas to patriotic performances at renowned sporting events for MLB, NFL, and NHL games, these remarkable tenors have left their indelible mark. Their captivating voices have also taken center stage at the country’s most prominent Italian Festivals, from Milwaukee to Detroit, Kansas City to San Diego, Miami to Boston, and beyond.

Prepare to be mesmerized by The Sicilian Tenors as they transport you to new musical heights, delivering a truly exceptional performance that transcends borders and captivates audiences wherever they go.


The Sicilian Tenors

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