International Baccalaureate Self-Study and Remote Evaluation Visit at Edgewood High School

Photo attached: (from left to right) Sebastian Schuler, Edgewood High School Principal Kilo Mack, Amber Peoples, Mackenzie Aarsen, Vy Nguyen, Jeremiah Boyd, Ria Singh, Braeden Waugh, Nia Webb, and Edgewood High School IB Coordinator Laura Childs

The Global Studies/International Baccalaureate (GSIB) Programme at Edgewood High School (EDHS) completed its year and a half long Self-Study that ended with a three-day remote evaluation conducted November 15-17, 2021, from the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization.

The GSIB Programme at EDHS began its Self-Study in June of 2020. The study included revising the GSIB Programme’s policies and procedures with input from stakeholder groups including administrators, parents and community members, teachers, and students. The GSIB Programme then conducted a questionnaire asking each stakeholder group to evaluate the impact of the Programme’s purpose, environment, culture, and learning through various standards and practices (S&P). In total, 415 standards and practices were discussed and evaluated between 84
stakeholders in four stakeholder groups. The four groups then met to discuss which S&P they considered to be highly developed, developed, and developing.

The year and a half long process concluded with a three-day remote evaluation from two IB Organization members, Programme Leader Eric Heisler and Evaluation Leader Ali Hassan. The evaluators provided multiple commendations for the GSIB Programme at EDHS citing, “Articulate, nurturing, and inquiring students who feel comfortable expressing and advocating for their personal interests,” as well as noting the program is, “an excellent resource not only for college readiness but for social, emotional, and mental well-being,” among other things.

The IB Organization also provided recommendations for continued growth for the GSIB Programme at EDHS.

Laura Childs, IB Coordinator at EDHS shared, “The GSIB Programme at EDHS is thankful for this opportunity to evaluate its impact on the students and community at large. We feel incredibly validated for all our hard work and will continue in our growth efforts.”

The full evaluation report provided by the IB Organization is accessible on EDHS’ website.

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