Northeastern Maryland Technology Council (NMTC) Honors Visionary Awardees for 2020

Front row: L to R: Cyrus Etemad-Moghadam, Innovator, RPM Tech; Jill Orsini, Innovator, Bel Air Middle School; Mikale Brutus, Rising Star, US Army CCDC; Cathy Perkins, Mentor, US Army ATEC; Lyle Sheldon, Visionary, UM Upper Chesapeake Health

Back row: L to R: Tami Imbierowicz, Leader, Harford Community College; Dr. Richard Becker, Mentor, US Army ARL; Mark Mortenson, Leader, Clene Nanomedicine; Brian Leftridge, Rising Star, US Army CCDC; Dr. Timothy Kluchinsky, Mentor, US Army Public Health Center; Davlyn Williams, Mentor, DSA, Inc

Eleven Marylander’s were honored February 27, 2020, at the Richlin Ballroom, Edgewood MD

A select group of Marylanders received the prestigious Visionary Award on February 27, 2020, for their contributions in building our Workforce for The Future and advancing technology and innovation to grow our economy and protect national security. The ceremony is the largest of its kind in Maryland, held at the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood, MD, now in its 9th year. Attending were leaders in industry, government, and education.

“We honor remarkable people who continue to play key roles in moving our region forward in the areas of STEM education and technology,” said NMTC Board Chair, Claudine Adams, President/Founder, Bravura Information Technology Systems. “These are individuals who selflessly donate their time and talents to make a difference in our community.”

“We are grateful to these individuals for helping our region grow to the next level. Baltimore, Cecil and Harford Counties economic infrastructure is increasingly dependent on the economic development driven by newly emerging and complex technology,” said John Casner, executive director of NMTC. “These are the individuals who understand this technology and are sharing their knowledge to create the workforce for the future of our region.” They join the prestigious, Academy of Visionary Awards, now over 120 members.

Detailed information found at, with the five categories of honors identified as:


A community role model in building our STEM-educated workforce or advancing technology & innovation

Significant contributions to the well-being of our total community displayed as a personal commitment to the advancement of building our STEM Educated Workforce for The Future and advancing our Innovation & Technology base, with demonstrated qualities of enlightened leadership over a remarkable period.


Setting the pace for success.

Acknowledging the individual’s steadfast, consistent contribution to building our STEM Educated Workforce for The Future or advancing our Innovation & Technology base, in a public way while inspiring others to help in accomplishing shared goals.


Ideas that make a difference.

Recognizes exceptional personal efforts in development and implementation of innovative programs/products measurably benefiting building our STEM Educated Workforce for The Future or advancing our Innovation & Technology base, with the potential for broad positive impact in the community.

Role models for future generations.

One who consistently goes above and beyond in volunteering their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to stimulate and inspire greatness in students, teachers or emerging technology businesses to build the STEM Educated Workforce for The Future or advancing our Innovation & Technology base..

Rising Star

People to watch.

One who demonstrated, in a bold way, the potential to be an excellent, long-term contributor to building the STEM Educated Workforce for The Future or advancing our Innovation & Technology base.

NMTC is one of Maryland’s early pioneering technology councils that today, connects collaborative leaders in Academia, Industry and the Federal Government to build a STEM educated Workforce for The Future and advance innovation & technology to expand Maryland’s economy and protect our national security.                                

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