Everyone Has A Story To Tell


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Are You Ready To Tell Yours?

This Young Lady Is Ready To Help You

On this episode of Harford County Living, I had a friend of mine come on and she’s a writer, a freelance writer, but we talked about people telling their own story and how to do it. She’s an award-winning writer and editor as well as a children’s book author.

She’s currently expanding her career and pimping her passion for writing as a coach’ guide and cheerleader for those are interested in telling their own story and need a nudge to get going. She’s worked with New York Times best selling authors as well as others on crafting their own unique stories. She’s also writing a curriculum that she will be teaching in Harford County titled Leave Your Legacy, and details will be forthcoming on that.

She lives in Joppatowne with her husband Neil and their dog Mai Kai and she loves boating, kayaking and hanging out with family and friends. So on this episode, I am happy to finally get on here, I’ve been begging her to come on, Molly Lauryssens and listen to what she’s got to say and after we’re done, follow her tips and start writing.

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