Why Rural Life Would Suck Without The Pickup Truck


Pickup trucks offer the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a powerful vehicle, but you also get something that is immensely practical that you can use for just about anything.

Pickup trucks might seem like an odd choice for a personal vehicle, suitable only for a niche market. But according to data from Kelly Blue Book, more than 15 percent of auto sales in the US are pickups. That’s a lot.

The Ford F-Series is currently the most popular of all brands, with the US automaker shifting more than 900,000 in 2017 alone. Other popular pickups include the Chevy Silverado and the Ram, which both come in second and third.

As anyone who has ever owned a pickup in a rural town knows, they’re essential. Pickups are so fundamental to the American way of life that it’s hard to imagine life without them. Rural life in America would be totally different if they weren’t replete with pickups- vehicles that seem to make all the practical aspects of country living easier.

You’d Have Nowhere To Store All Your Tools

Pickups have lots of space in the back – that’s their main feature. And so they provide an excellent place to keep and store all your tools. If you work on a farm, then they offer more than enough space to keep all your instruments, allowing you to ferry stuff you need for odd jobs from A to B with ease.

You Couldn’t Mix Up Your Routine Easily

Country living isn’t always predictable. Sometimes you need to do some heavy duty lifting to get yourself out of a bind. For instance, your supplier might have a problem getting feed for your livestock to your farm. With a pickup, you can go to the nearest animal food store, pick up as many giant bags of grain as you like, and take them back to your farm. Livestock needn’t go hungry.

You Wouldn’t Get The Same Quality Of Life

Pickups aren’t known for being energy-efficient vehicles, but that’s not where their real value lies. What matters is the practicality that they offer drivers. With a State Farm auto insurance quote, you can quickly find out how much cover will cost, allowing you to work out the total cost of ownership. Once you know that, you can then factor in all of the benefits that you can get from having a pickup, such as being able to do the heavy lifting yourself, without having to hire a third-party company to do it for you.

You Wouldn’t Get A Great Off-Road Experience

Rural locations aren’t known for the quality of their roads. And sometimes, you need to be able to go offroad to get to where you want to go. Pickups are great at traversing challenging terrains, like sandy embankments, muddy bogs, and riverbeds. The high suspension means that the sensitive internals of the car are kept well away from the damaging effects of the water.

You’d Have To Settle For Something Less Durable

Finally, pickups seem to last forever, no matter how much punishment they get. Pickups are a reliable vehicle for people who need to be able to rely on their means of transportation, day in, day out.

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