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Best job opportunities in Maryland

Maryland has been a state in
change since its founding. It is constantly growing and progressing
financially, technologically, industrially, and in the workforce. A lot of
information about the job market and workforce trends exists on the Internet.
They can be really useful when searching for job opportunities in Maryland. To
land good job opportunities in Maryland, you’ll need to bring your A-game.
Based on the official data we’ve found online, here is a list of a few growing
jobs in Maryland. These careers highly in demand.

Registered Nurses

One of the best job opportunities in Maryland is being a registered nurse. Their job is to assess patients’ health problems and implement quality nursing care plans based on the patient’s needs. Registered nurses have a duty to maintain detailed reports and records. One of their main responsibilities is monitoring, recording, and reporting the patient’s symptoms. In addition to that, they monitor all aspects of patient care like physical activity and diet. Besides all of that, they can also perform physical examinations and can treat patients on the way to the hospital.

A typical working week for a
registered nurse includes:

•    Ordering clinical tests

•    Examining patients to evaluate the general
physical condition

•    Treating medical emergencies

•    Referring patients to healthcare practitioners or resources

Medic treating patient

Registered nurses monitor all
aspects of patient care

Administrative assistant

When looking for job
opportunities in Maryland, one of the highest in demand is always an administrative
assistant or secretaries. On a daily basis, they answer phones and give
information to callers, transfer calls, or take messages. Their job is to greet
visitors or callers and direct them to the appropriate person, according to
their needs. Today, with the existence of the Internet, the secretary’s job has
also changed a bit. It now includes opening, reading, and distributing incoming
mail. Another one of their duties is to make copies of correspondence or other
printed material. A typical week or month for them includes:

•    Organizing meetings

•    Making travel reservations for office

•    Sending or coping materials or

•    Managing administrative activities

Retail Salesperson

On a daily basis, Retail
Salesperson has a job to greet customers and establish what each customer wants
or needs. You may think that their job only includes social skills, but you are
wrong. One of the primary responsibilities is dealing with money. They need to
perform tasks such as counting money, managing coupons and vouchers, making
deposits, etc.

Retail Salesperson needs to
maintain knowledge of sales and promotions currently happening, about security
practices and policies regarding payment. One of the most responsible jobs they
have is to watch for security risks and thefts. But they also need to know how
to prevent or handle these situations.

Fast food worker

When you think of the best job
opportunities in Maryland, your first thought is never a fast-food worker. But
this job has shown as one of the highest in demand. Fast food worker has a lot
of duties, one of them which is main is to serve customers in eating places.
These places often specialize in fast service and inexpensive food. Some of
them also serve cold beverages or frozen desserts like milkshakes and
ice-cream. Another duty fast-food workers have is to arrange tables and
decorations, as well as to keep their working environment clean.

Movers and labor workers

Key responsibility for movers and labor workers is to help customers move stuff, whether it is a local move, long-distance move or move across the state. Movers and labor workers have duties to load and unload trucks or containers by hand or using the equipment. They need to use tools and supplies that make their job easier and faster. If you are looking for job opportunities in Maryland, especially in this work field, check out reliable moving professionals in Hartford County. You want to work for the best company that offers benefits and a stress-free environment.

If this is the job for you, you might want to work for a company like Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland. They offer moving and storage services, both local and long-distance. A lot of reviews tell you what a professional and polite group of workers they have.

Customer service representative

Customer service representative has a lot of daily duties that include interaction with customers, keeping records of inquiries, complaints, or comments. Their service is there to help customers with performing activities such as refunding money, exchanging merchandise, or filling out a form for them. Not everyone is yet used to this digital life, so there will always be the need to help customers. The main task of a customer service representative is to ensure that changes were made to resolve customers’ problems.

Woman wearing earpiece

Customer service representative
ensures customers’ problems are resolved

Office supervisor

The office supervisor has a job
to supervise the work of the office. Aspects they are mostly concerned about
are administrative, or customer services employees are providing. Office
supervisor has to ensure that the quality of service and deadlines are
complying with standards. When working as an office supervisor, you need to
handle complex problems and learn how to resolve complaints.

Best job opportunities in Maryland for college grads

Computer science

With everything digitalized, the
number of graduates with computer skills is in demand. Some of the best job
positions that are in high demand:

•    Software developer

•    Programming

•    Information technology

•    Web design

•    System administrator

Black flat screen computer monitor

Number of software development
jobs has increased in the past decade


Because of the proximity of NASA and other defense industry companies that work in the fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering, the demand for these jobs stays steady.

National security and foreign affairs

Maryland is home to the
diplomacy, intelligence and defense communities. This gives a lot of
opportunities to college grads to choose one of the institutes to build their

Public sector

Because of its proximity to
Washington DC, graduates from the University of Maryland have many
opportunities in federal and state agencies. High concentration of graduates
can be found in agencies like:

•    Education

•    Health and human services

•    Energy and agriculture

•    US Departments of Justice

When searching for the best job
opportunities in Maryland, focus on the jobs that are in high demand. Every
year many graduates successfully convert their internship into a full-time
position. So if there are no job openings, then accept internships because
there is a big chance for you to get the job after the internship period.

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