Vacation Over


Another year, another vacation done. I can not believe that it is over. We packed our suitcases for the last time and headed out the door. Tomorrow, we go back to work. It is now just a memory.

The memories I carry in my heart will last a life time. Every vacation has its own stories and adventures. This one was no exception. We might not have seen the moose or the whale, but we did see a lot of new things.

This was a first time vacation. It was the first time we ever stepped foot in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. It was the first time we went out on an boat searching for whales. We saw for the first time many birds that lives out over the waters, like the puffins. It was the first time we saw so many babies animals as well.

It will take the rest of the year to take in all the cool things and process the blessings. There were some disappointments, like no sightings of even one moose. Yet, with each turn of the car down a side road brought excitement at the discoveries we came across.

Vacation is over. Now we can start making plan for next year vacation. I can not wait.

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