Fund the Fort Campaign for One of the Busiest Firehouses in the County



Honorary Fire Chief, Nathaniel Nicholson
Honorary Fire Chief, Nathaniel Nicholson


Nathaniel Needs Your Help Harford County!


7-year old Honorary Fire Chief Nathaniel Nicholson is asking for the public’s help to raise funds for a new firehouse. You see, when Nathaniel was diagnosed with leukemia, his mother, Karen Nicholson, would push him in his stroller around the neighborhood. It just so happens that Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company’s Fort Hanson is right around the corner, and when the fire engines would go by with their horns and sirens sounding, Nathaniel would be overwhelmed with joy. The created a bond between the Nicholson family and Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company.

The good news is, Nathaniel is now cancer free and full of energy and he wants to help the firehouse known as, Fort Hanson, get a new building, furniture and more. If you take a walk-through Fort Hanson, you would not believe the furniture that these brave men and women spend hours on. You would not believe that they have a stove that doesn’t work, and have 30 to 40 people in there at a time. And chances are, if you live or work in Harford County, or even the White Marsh/Perry Hall area of Baltimore County, you have seen the crew from Fort Hanson working bravely to put out a fire, rescue someone involved in a vehicle accident, or even taking part in a local parade.

We here at Harford County Living are making a pledge to help Nathaniel and Fort Hanson reach their goal of $5,000,000.00 to get that new firehouse, equipment, stove and furniture. We will keep a banner on our website that you can click on to go right to the donation page. Every dollar counts, so please give what you can. If every household and business in Harford County could donate even as little as $10, 20 or $50, the goal would be reached in no time. And once that goal is reached, not only will you make the brave men and women of Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company’s Fort Hanson happy, you’ll also make young Nathaniel extremely happy.

You may also use the following brochure to mail in payments,fund-the-fort0001






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