Invisible Wings: A Tea Seller Who Travelled the World


65-year old tea seller Vijayan and his wife Mohana (who had never traveled outside of her home town of Ernakulam, Kerala before her marriage) have been to 16 countries and across most of India. Every three years or so, after paying off loans and saving a little money (at the rate of a few dollars a day) the couple shuts down their tea stall (their only source of income) and sets off for another destination in the world. Friends and relatives think they are mad for spending so much money that could be put to better use. But, as Vijayan says, If money is our only concern we will not be able to do anything. We have only one life to do everything, you cant create extra time for it.” Sit back and savor this beautiful film that captures Vijayan and Mohana’s dreams and philosophy of life.

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