A Weaver of Kind Voices


Ironically, in an age where we seem to be more connected than ever, research shows that we are lonelier than ever. Inspired by the writings of Thoreau, Steinbeck, and the teamwork of his community garden, David Levins decided to break down the barriers of isolation, one conversation at a time. In 2012, he initiated A Kind Voice, a nationwide, volunteer-run phone line where people call in anytime for one-on-one conversation. Simply for the sake of sharing and being kind to one another. Filled with volunteers eager to talk about a multitude of subjects such as books, movies, travel, and philosophy, A Kind Voice is, as David says, “very much a journey to get from one place to the next. We want to make the world a kind of more connected place, one conversation at a time. So each time we have a good conversation, we win and we kind of fulfill our mission.”

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