Business of the Week for March 19, 2024


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Congratulations WHFC 91.1 FM

WHFC 91.1 FM: The Heartbeat of Harford County

In Harford County’s community life, one station has consistently tuned into the pulse of its people, offering more than just melodies but a platform for growth, learning, and connection. WHFC 91.1 FM, Harford Community College’s radio station, stands as a signal of local engagement and educational opportunity, making it Harford County Living’s proud selection for Business of the Week.

A Symphony of Community and Education: WHFC 91.1 FM is not your average radio station. Rooted deeply in the heart of Harford County, it serves as a vital link between careers, community, and the rich tapestry of local talent. With a mission that transcends the airwaves, WHFC is dedicated to supporting the county, showcasing the diverse talents of students and volunteers, and providing a learning platform that is both innovative and inclusive.

Tuning Into Learning: At the core of WHFC’s operation is the state-of-the-art Student Learning Lab, a hub of creativity and education designed for and run by the Harford County community. This lab is not just about broadcasting; it’s a gateway to the world of radio, podcasting, and the broadcasting business for anyone with a curiosity and a voice to share. It offers a unique, hands-on learning experience that prepares students and volunteers for the dynamic world of media.

Supporting the Sounds of Harford County: Supporting WHFC means more than just keeping the music playing; it’s an investment in the future of local radio and the students who bring it to life. Contributions from loyal listeners and local businesses directly support the community of students and volunteers, ensuring that WHFC continues to be a vibrant source of music, news, and community programming for all listeners.

A Platform for Veterans: Among its diverse programming, WHFC proudly features Veterans SITREP, a dedicated platform connecting veterans and their families with essential information and resources. This initiative underscores the station’s commitment to serving all facets of the Harford County community, providing a voice and support to those who have served.

Join the WHFC Family: Volunteering at WHFC 91.1 FM opens a world of opportunities, from exploring talents on-air and behind the scenes to contributing to the station’s marketing and engineering efforts. With no experience required, WHFC welcomes anyone with a passion for radio and a desire to learn, making it a fertile ground for aspiring broadcasters and seasoned professionals alike.

Tune In, Get Involved: As we celebrate WHFC 91.1 FM as our Business of the Week, we invite you to tune in, support, and perhaps even join the WHFC family. Whether you’re a music lover, a budding broadcaster, or someone looking to support local college radio, WHFC offers something for everyone.

For more information on how to listen live, support the station, or get involved with WHFC 91.1 FM, visit their official website. Let’s come together to support a station that not only entertains but educates and enriches our community, making Harford County a better place, one broadcast at a time.


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