Pets of the Week for February 26, 2024


Fig, Lilly & Toy Story 1

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

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Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week- Fig

Fig is a beautiful, young border collie mix. She absolutely adores toys and games like keep away. She wants you to chase her around while she teases you by being juuuuuuust out of reach. Once she’s tired, she’s a big cuddle bug who would love to watch a few episodes of Real Housewives. She’s about 11 months old and has spent quite a few months in the shelter because she came to us extremely underweight. Now she’s looking like a proper dog and ready to go home with you!

Cat of the Week- Lilly

Lilly is not your ordinary cat – she’s a feline with a flair for conversation! This charming 3 year old girl has the gift of gab and loves to engage in delightful conversations with her human friends. Whether it’s sharing stories about her day or simply exchanging meows of affection, Lilly is always ready to chat and brighten up your day. Her other favorite activities include investigating warm cozy spots, planning future naps, and texting you from the window sill to bring her a tasty treat. 

Critter of the Week- Toy Story 1

Just like the beloved characters from the iconic movie, Toy Story the Guinea Pig is ready to embark on thrilling adventures with you! This little bundle of fur is as brave and adventurous as they come, ready to explore to infinity and beyond for some veggies. With his endearing personality and insatiable curiosity, you’ll be calling him your favorite deputy! He’s only 4 months old and you can’t stop him from growing up- but you wouldn’t miss it for the world! So play nice. 

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