Pets of the Week for November 27, 2023


Duke, Katy Purry & Henry

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

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Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week- Duke

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month and we’ve got the one for you! Duke is in his golden years at 10 but you’d never know it.  This old man still has plenty of energy for you. He loves playing with tennis balls and tough chews. He’s been in a foster home for a bit now and is great with the other dogs, including smaller ones. He may be a little vision impaired but it doesn’t slow him down any. Duke would be the perfect addition to any family looking to add a few gray whiskers to their lives. 

Cat of the Week- Katy Purry

When you see the zest for life that fills 4 month old Katy Purry’s bright eyes as she leaps through the air to grab her favorite feather toy, you would never guess that she has a disability.  She’s got the eye of a tiger, a fighter. This little champion beat the odds and survived a deadly virus, but it caused a neurological disorder in which she lacks control over movement and balance. Katy has learned how to eat out of a bowl, use the litter box and play with toys! There is no cure for CH but it does not progress over time or cause any pain. This girl doesn’t let anything hold her back. She is always on the go, rolling around and snatching up every crinkle ball or feather toy she can get her paws on. Baby, she’s a firework and you’re going to hear her roar. 

Critter of the Week- Henry

Oh, Henry! That’s sure to be how you’ll be greeting your new bunny every day. Have you ever seen such a handsome guy? He may not be covered in chocolate, but he’s still exceptionally sweet. He loves to play with toys and is very social. Save the peanuts and the caramel for yourself and he’ll clean off your salad plate. What do you say about teaming up and becoming a classic combo? 

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