Harford County Celebrates 250th Anniversary with Historical Ice Cream Collaboration


Harford County, known for its rich history and thriving agriculture, is continuing to celebrate its momentous 250th anniversary in a truly delicious way. The creameries along Harford’s Ice Cream Trail collaborated to create a signature ice cream flavor that encapsulates the essence of Harford County’s heritage. “Come Taste My Ma and Pa Tracks” is the official Harford 250 anniversary flavor that the creameries will be making and dishing up all summer long and particularly in July for National Ice Cream Month.

“As Harford County marks its 250th year, this tasty collaboration among our agribusinesses is a great way to celebrate,” County Executive Bob Cassilly said. “Whether you visit a cow-to-cone creamery or one of our local shops selling homemade ice cream, you’ll find unique homegrown flavors to enjoy.”

This collaboration brings together the creativity and expertise of these esteemed creameries to honor Harford County’s rich history and community. Each creamery has crafted their own unique twist on the “Come Taste My Ma and Pa Tracks” flavor, offering ice cream enthusiasts an array of choices.

“We are thrilled the creameries along Harford’s Ice Cream Trail are working together to create a flavor that truly embodies the spirit of Harford County,” said Jay Ellenby, Chair of the Visit Harford Board of Directors. “The ‘Come Taste My Ma and Pa Tracks’ ice cream flavor showcases the incredible talent and craftsmanship of our local creameries while paying homage to the history and traditions that make our community so special.”

Starting Sunday July 16th, National Ice Cream Day, these signature flavors will be available for purchase at all five creameries, allowing residents and visitors alike to indulge in this one-of-a-kind tasting experience throughout the summer. All five stops are along Visit Harford’s Ice Cream Trail and can be checked into on the Harford Digital Passport.

About Visit Harford: Visit Harford! is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Harford County and its tourism attractions to visitors to stimulate economic activity for the enhanced quality of life of all Harford County citizens.

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