Harford County Public Schools Offers Mental Health Care Coordination Services


Program funded through generous grant provided by the Harford County Health Department

Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) announces the selection of Care Solace to expand access to
community mental health and substance use treatment providers for students, staff, and their families. The school system can provide this service to all stakeholders thanks to a generous grant of more than
$165,000 by the Harford County Health Department (HCHD).

“Everyone deserves access to mental health care. The Harford County Health Department is happy to
continue its long-time partnership with Harford County Public Schools with the shared goal of improving
access to mental health care. With the growing demand for mental health services, we are thrilled to
support Care Solace, a mental health care coordination service, for the purpose of connecting any and all
HCPS students, school staff, and their families to quality mental health and substance use treatment
providers who will meet their needs,” said Marcy Austin, Harford County Health Officer.

“Access to mental health resources has become increasingly challenging and working with Care Solace
will help remove many barriers,” said Superintendent Sean Bulson. “I’m proud we can partner with the
Harford County Health Department to bring such a vital service to all school system stakeholders. A
mentally healthy school community is vital to our future. By offering Care Solace to our greater
community, we are letting them know we see their struggles, and will do everything we can to help them

With Care Solace, families and staff gain access to a dedicated Care Companion to navigate the mental
health care system on their behalf, calling providers to find the right fit and availability. They will connect
individuals with verified providers accepting all medical insurances or even individuals without
insurance. Care Solace has also equipped HCPS with a customized online tool that gives community
members a way to anonymously search for community-based providers matched to their needs.

“We are proud to support Harford County Public Schools in prioritizing the well-being of its school
community by providing timely access into mental health care and substance use treatment services,” said
Chad Castruita, Founder and CEO of Care Solace.

The Care Solace service is now available at no cost to HCPS students, staff, and their families. For more
information about Care Solace, please visit https://www.caresolace.org.

Parents, guardians and staff may access Care Solace services by utilizing the Care Solace website or by
calling (888) 515-0595. Support is available 24/7/365 in 200+ languages. Parents and guardians can also
call their child’s school to have an HCPS staff member complete a referral on their behalf.

About Care Solace
Care Solace is on a mission to calm the chaos of mental health care. The organization provides mental
health care coordination services for school systems, existing to ensure that students, staff, and their
families quickly connect to verified providers in their communities. Care Solace offers proprietary
software to aggregate mental health care providers and substance use treatment options. Currently, Care
Solace proudly serves three million students and twelve million staff and family members in over 700
school systems.

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