Nonprofit of the Week for January 24, 2023


Congratulations To Our Nonprofit Of The Week

Susquehannock Wildlife Society

About the Nonprofit:

From the Nonprofits’ website About the Society – Susquehannock Wildlife Society

The Susquehannock Wildlife Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


We exist for one reason, to protect wildlife. This may be done in many creative ways but it will always be the glue that binds us together as an organization. Whether it is through public education, conservation efforts, rescue, research or legislation, we will stand as a helping hand and voice for wildlife.


• This society is a built on the passion and love of its members for wildlife and conservation.

• We speak as a collective voice for the common good of those we seek to protect. There is to be no individual gain or profit.

• We will do everything in our power to restore health to injured, orphaned or sick wildlife, utilizing our partners to ensure prompt and proper care.

• We will be steadfast in our goal to build a place for people to enjoy, learn, and talk about wildlife; a centralized home to research and provide refuge for species in need.

• At times we will affiliate with and support other like-minded organizations with common goals to further our reach and effectiveness.

• We will teach at every opportunity we are given. This is the most certain way to ensure wildlife survival. Through teaching we create a bridge for the next generation to take the torch and continue our work.

• We are an active group who practices what we preach. We should find ourselves out in the forests, rivers, and wetlands more than not. We will seek to always choose natural over man-made venues for our gatherings.

• We can support legislation and engage in issues that will affect wildlife but do not endorse politicians.

• We are not merely a social club but an action oriented society driven by the collective energy towards saving wildlife. We are not here to dwell on philosophy but make a difference. Read more

Susquehannock Wildlife Society


Susquehannock Wildlife Society – Dedicated to Protecting Wildlife

Social Media:

Susquehannock Wildlife Society | Darlington MD | Facebook

SuskyWildlifeSociety (@SuskyWildlife) / Twitter

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