National Underground Network To Freedom Site In Harford County


A Conversation with Bruce Russell

The Underground Railroad: Other Voices of Freedom

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In this episode, Rich and cohost Wendy Beck have a conversation with Bruce Russell.

Bruce Russell is a retired Commander from the United States Coast Guard. He served on a variety of ships, including the cadet training ship US Coast Guard Barque EAGLE. After his retirement, Bruce became a successful businessman through his international environmental consulting practice, which focused on emergency and risk management. Since 2012, Bruce has been the president of the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum (on a volunteer basis), and has also been the lead curator for the The Underground Railroad: Other Voices of Freedom exhibit, which has now been officially designated as part of the U.S. National Park Services’ “Network to Freedom.”

The National Park Service recently announced an exciting new designation for the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum’s exhibition, “Underground Railroad, Other Voices of Freedom.” This exhibit focuses on the Upper Chesapeake Bay and Lower Susquehanna River watersheds and their role in aiding and preventing escape. It tells the stories of successful and failed escapes, black freemen and white abolitionists, bounty hunters and kidnappers, a murder, and an infamous court case that originated in Harford County, Maryland. This court case was the precursor to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and the exhibition even features original-interpretive artwork from four contemporary African-American artists.

The Network to Freedom is a huge honor, representing over 700 locations across 39 states, plus Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Through its mission, the Network to Freedom upholds the idea that all people have the right to autonomy and freedom from oppression.

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