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A Conversation with Katelyn and Patrick Trentalange

Founders of The Endorphin Project

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In this episode, Rich and cohost Julia Chang have a conversation with Katelyn and Patrick Trentalange.

Katelyn and Patrick are the Co-Founders of The Endorphin Project. The mission of the 501c3 is to remove barriers for those seeking to engage in physical activities as part of their mental health treatment plan.

The evidence is overwhelming that physical activity encourages emotional and spiritual wellness in addition to physical health. They believe all individuals should have access to the array of places and activities that promote engagement in this process. Their vision is that all people have access to these services while seeking mental health treatment regardless of their financial means.

Patrick Trentalange is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland and is an approved Social Worker Supervisor. Patrick co-founded The Endorphin Project in 2019 after seeing the benefits of exercise for mental health firsthand.

Patrick started his clinical career at Ashley Addiction treatment working in their Family Wellness Program, as well as a primary therapist for Emerging Adult Men in Ashley’s Extended Care Program. Most recently, Patrick was a Family Therapist at The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt. In his primary role, Patrick provides treatment for families that have a loved one who is diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Patrick is the youngest of eight children in his family of origin and has one teenage son. Patrick is married to Katelyn Trentalange, the co-founder of The Endorphin Project and owner of Pivot Point Counseling. Patrick is licensed to practice in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Katelyn Trentalange is a proud Baltimorian whose enthusiasm for supporting her community is evident in both her career and personal life.  She is a Clinical Social Worker, by way of McDaniel College and the University of Maryland Graduate School of Social Work, and founder of Pivot Point Counseling, LLC and Pivot Point Families & Couples.  For the past 9 years, she worked in private practice with Pivot Point, in addition to co-founding The Endorphin Project with her husband, Patrick Trentalange.  Together, they aim to enable movement and support the wellness of those working to manage their mental health. 

Thank you to Katelyn and Patrick Trentalange for the conversation. Here are some links for Katelyn and Patrick:

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