Reclaiming Hope and Healing Lives


A Conversation with Linda Williams and Shawn Partain

Addiction Connections Resource

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In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Linda Williams and Shawn Partain.

Linda is the Executive Director of Addiction Connections Resource and was appointed to Governor Hogan’s Emergency Opioid and Heroin Task Force in 2015. In the five years prior to the establishment of ACR, Linda was engaged in the treatment of individuals who abused substances. Her residence ended up serving as a kind of unofficial halfway house. Linda was connecting folks to resources, such as transporting them to the Harford County Health Department, doctor and therapist appointments, and detox with Dr. Hayes. She was also speaking for them in court and providing a large number of the other services that ACR currently offers. This was the idea of ACR when it was first conceived. Linda lost her daughter in 2007.

Shawn is in recovery herself and is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist,  Registered Peer Supervisor, and Outreach Coordinator at ACR. Shawn was on a previous episode when she worked at the Harford County Health Department as a Peer Recovery Specialist which you can listen to at Pain Makes Them Stronger ( Shawn has 2 wonderful boys and is also a professional photographer.

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