Bowman’s Butcher Shop Announces New Location in Havre de Grace


Bowman’s Butcher Shop, locally renowned for serving high quality meats out of their Aberdeen store since 1942, is pleased to announce they will open an additional location in historic Havre de Grace.

The new concept, Bowman’s Butcher Shop & Provisions, will be located at 116 N Washington Street in the heart of downtown Havre de Grace. Spanning 1,600 square feet, the shop will feature Bowman’s signature high quality meats – from dry aged beef and house made sausage to tomahawk steaks and exotic meats.

In addition to the butcher shop selections, there will be butcher boxes, charcuterie spreads, meal kits, fresh seafood, and prepared foods – perfect for a waterfront picnic lunch or day out on the boat. 

Owner Alice Schott chose the Havre de Grace location as she found a significant number of her current clientele reside in the historic town and after a successful showing at the Havre de Grace Farmer’s Market last summer.  

“I am looking forward to opening up a store in my hometown. Our new location will be blocks from my home and I am excited to join all of the other amazing small businesses that make Havre de Grace so unique,” stated Schott. 

Bill Martin, Mayor of Havre de Grace stated, “We have a great variety of restaurants and shoppes in Havre de Grace offering everything from Maryland steamed crabs to French macarons, creole dishes to competition winning hot wings. But we also have more than our fair share of excellent cooks who have already discovered this woman owned butchery and the outstanding quality product at Bowman’s Butcher Shop. Having a traditionalist businesses reinvented to today’s tastes and trends located a few doors from Joseph’s Department Store dating back to 1937 and across the street from one our newest anticipated businesses – Battery Island Brewing – is indicative of that unique and intriguing retail mix that keeps historic downtown communities vibrant.” 

“To welcome Bowman’s with their exceptional meats and truly artisanal approach to their products is a wonderful addition to the seemingly curated mix of businesses and purveyors in downtown Havre de Grace. In economic development one can look to the very earliest community needs assessments, surveys and recommendations and the development strategies encouraged for the city and every single study or plan places a gourmet meats and provisions shop as a vital component of services and experiences sought by the public then and now. To have that long anticipated and sought after business be of such an extraordinary caliber as Bowmans is just wonderful,” states Erika Quesenbery Sturgill, Director of Economic Development City of Havre de Grace. 

The Havre de Grace outpost will be almost twice as large as the original Aberdeen location, allowing Schott to carry additional offerings and partner with local farms and small businesses to feature an array of specialty items.  

Bowman’s Butcher Shop & Provisions will begin construction later this month with plans to open later this spring. The original Bowman’s Butcher Shop will continue to operate in Aberdeen and deliver to all surrounding counties. 

About Bowman’s Butcher Shop Bowman’s Butcher Shop, located in Harford County, is a USDA approved facility. All of the meat is high quality, local, all natural, and free of hormones and antibiotics. The butcher shop features dry aged beef, exotic meat, house made sausage and specialty items. All of the steaks are hand cut and can be customized by the team of experienced butchers. For more details visit,

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