14 Volunteers Honored

Pictured from left: County Executive Barry Glassman; Deputy Director of Community Services Sylvia Bryant; Chief Advisor Billy Boniface; Daniel McGhee, Shining Light Award winner.

Winners Announced in Virtual Harford’s Most Beautiful People Awards Celebration

The stories of 14 selfless volunteers are being shared online in a virtual celebration of nominees for the 34th Annual Harford’s Most Beautiful People Awards. The winner of the 2020 Ripple Effect Award, announced today, is Greg LaCour. The Shining Light award winners are Daniel McGhee and Tom Yingling.

County Executive Barry Glassman and the Harford County Department of Community Services began recognizing these unsung heroes on October 15 on social media and the county government website to celebrate their uplifting and meaningful contributions to Harford County.

The Ripple Effect Award is so-named because of the ripples that spread from a single pebble dropped in a pond, just as a single volunteer benefits the broader community.  The 2020 award was presented to Greg LaCour privately by County Executive Barry Glassman on October 12 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Harford County officials recognizing 2020 award winners.  Pictured from left: County Executive Barry Glassman; Deputy Director of Community Services Sylvia Bryant; Chief Advisor Billy Boniface; Greg LaCour, Ripple Effect Award winner.

Nominated by Neala Lancellotti, Greg was chosen for his commitment and advocacy of SARC (Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center) for the past 10 years.  He provides residents with access to critical external resources, including donations from local grocery stores and other sources to ensure residents have fresh produce and healthy grocery options for themselves and their families, which are often difficult for low-income individuals to attain.  He provides donations of household items that help clients have a fresh start and begin a new life.  He assists with many of SARC’s fundraising events, securing silent auction items for their annual bull and oyster roast and assisting at the events and the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser to raise awareness for victims and survivors of sexual violence.  Additionally, Greg volunteers and coordinates the food ministry at Bel Air United Methodist Church, where he continues to expand the program, garnering resources from across the county and state to provide food for those in need.

The Shining Light Award was created by County Executive Glassman to recognize citizens who shine a light of awareness on serious issues facing Harford County. Often these individuals have suffered deep, personal loss, yet they courageously fight stigmas and advocate for positive change by discussing topics that some would rather push into the shadows. This year, Daniel McGhee and Tom Yingling were recognized for their commitment to drug prevention and recovery, shining a light on the power of treatment and the elimination of stigma.

Also celebrated this year were other Harford’s Most Beautiful People nominees Shirley Barnes; Sarah Canfield; Brooke Hopkins; Michele and Timothy Langhauser; Donna Mueller; Debbi McGinley; Phillip Pace; Peggy Sullivan; Robert Tibbs; and Jason Turner.

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A photo gallery including all nominees and a brief summary of their outstanding contributions is available online at http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/796/Harfords-Most-Beautiful-People.

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