“Holidays and Other Things I’m Not Sure About” Exhibition to Open in Chesapeake Gallery


“Holidays and Other Things I’m Not Sure About,” an exhibition by artist Andrew Brown, will be on display in Harford Community College’s Chesapeake Gallery located in the Student Center from June 11 to September 12.

Brown, who grew up in Baltimore, is a full-time instructor and graduate faculty member in the Department of Art and Art History at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. He has exhibited his paintings and drawings nationally and internationally, with over 60 juried exhibitions and a number of solo shows around the US and in Europe.

According to his Artist Statement, “In the act of looking back at memories there is an inherent shuffling of time, place and importance. What was once seemingly unimportant becomes quite important, events that took place in one location are transported to another, and the overall chronology bends and shifts. My current work is a focused remembrance of outwardly insignificant events, how they overlap, merge and add personal weight to other memories that have preceded or followed. Searching memories allows for a consideration of what makes them central, and how they are positioned within a greater context. During this search one is able to step back and see the permeability of experience. In a time when technology has allowed an almost immediate distribution of ideas and events, where connections are being drawn between eating habits and pop icons, the map that might diagram one’s experience is increasingly multifarious. I want to step back, take a look around, and ask the question, ‘Is everything all right here?’”

A closing reception is scheduled on Thursday, September 12, 12-1:30 PM in the Gallery.

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