Stopping the Opioid Addiction by Raising Awareness in the Community

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It’s Kool 2 B Kind, and You Can Prove It


Rich Bennett and Co-Host Adam Shellenbarger of Joppatowne Christian Church chat with Sheldon Bair from the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, Pastor Steve Smith from Emory United Methodist Church, Teresa Stepp of The Clay Monet and Lyle Garitty from Joppatowne Lions Club.

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You can listen to the podcast here.

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  1. Elizabeth J. Rodgers · Edit

    I have Fibromyalgia , Alcolosing Spondolosis, a Fused Cervical Spine and severe arthritis. Most severe is a headache from a Persistent Trigeminal Artery in my brain.. Generally, it causes headaches and have it back later in the day. Plus…the rest of my issues. I take Hydrocodon….because my doctor recommended it for severe, cronic pain. You people scare me…by doing your best to stop people from obtaining it…when it is the only thing that works and I take it twice a day at the lowest mg. available. Never have I taken more than prescribed . This true for thousands of seniors, who now have to worry about getting the very medication that helps them have half a life. What is WRONG with you!


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