Changes for Harford County Living in 2018



Ideas in Place to Help Local Businesses Grow


2017 was a good year for us, but we want to make 2018 an excellent year for us and all Harford County businesses. Once again, we saw some businesses shut their doors this year, and we want to do what we can to keep all local businesses open. So here are some of our plans for the upcoming year.

1: We will continue our podcast and encourage local businesses and organizations to come one and promote themselves. There is no charge for this and our podcast gets over 40,000 listens a month, and that’s just from our website, so there’s even more listening through iTunes and Android devices. So take advantage of this and promote yourself.

  1. We are implementing new advertising choices for businesses, from podcast sponsorship, pay-per-lead advertising, social media packages and more. We want to help you get your name out there.
  2. We will be launching a FREE business networking group for businesses and organizations to join. This will be like no other networking group that you have seen or been part of.

  3. In addition to our Business of the Week, we will also feature a Non-Profit of the Week.

  4. We launched a poll for business owners to take (which you can still take):

We are taking this poll because we want you to be compensated if we don’t produce the results that we both agree upon. We see a lot of businesses advertising on Social Media, in print, on TV and on the radio, but what happens if your ad doesn’t produce? Nothing happens, you’re asked to renew for another month or longer. We’re not going to do that.

So get ready in 2018, because we’re going to help your business grow!

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