Acquisition of Stancills will expand P. Flanigan & Son’s current storm water management offering and strengthen its environmental approach to infrastructure construction


P. Flanigan & Sons, one of Baltimore’s oldest family-owned construction and transportation infrastructure companies, announced today it has acquired Stancills, Inc., an 83 year-old, family-owned and operated specialty aggregate company based in Perryville, MD. Stancills is a pioneer in the manufacturing of green roof media. Stancills will continue to operate as an independent entity within the P. Flanigan & Sons portfolio, and maintain its current organization and staff.


The acquisition will further enhance P. Flanigan & Sons’ approach to its environmentally beneficial products and business practices by manufacturing in-house the environmental soils they have historically outsourced, ultimately creating efficiencies and reducing costs for their customers.


“Adding to our current concrete and asphalt recycling operations and our recycled and beneficial reuse materials has been a long-term goal of mine,” said Pierce Flanigan, president of P. Flanigan & Sons.


For over a decade, Stancills has been P. Flanigan & Sons’ top supplier for specialized aggregates and custom soil blends which are routinely used by the company in its large-scale projects, primarily in storm water management, sport surfaces and equestrian fields. Aligning their existing synergies will create opportunities for the companies to benefit from shared industry experience and knowledge, intellectual property, and collaboration on further innovations in the manufacturing process and products, not only for building and transportation infrastructure but also in the green building, sports, environmental remediation and defense contracting spaces.


“Stancills has been one of our closest partners for many years and their customized soil products and processes are truly best-in-class,” said Flanigan. “Bringing our assets together under one umbrella will allow both companies to better serve our customers across Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic.”


“Joining P. Flanigan & Sons seemed like a natural step for Stancills, Inc. not only from a business and operational standpoint but also because our companies share the same values,” said Terry Stancill, president of Stancills, Inc. “We are both family-owned businesses proudly founded in Maryland that are dedicated to improving the community and protecting the environment.”


For interviews with Pierce Flanigan or Terry Stancill regarding this acquisition, or photos of their recent work, please contact Bridget Forney at bridget@profilespr.com or Kristen Zatina at kristen@profilespr.com.



  1. Flanigan & Sons was founded in 1885 to serve the infrastructure needs of Baltimore City as it grew and modernized. Constructing and maintaining infrastructure for an ever-advancing society remains the company’s focus today. P. Flanigan & Sons constructs and maintains infrastructure, including roadways, airports, seaports and recreational facilities. The family-owned company spanning five generations produces a wide range of asphalt and recycled aggregate products, manufacturing all types of Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, Foamed Asphalt and Cold Patch Asphalt. P. Flanigan & Sons takes pride in engineering high-value road construction products at a low cost and with low environmental impact. Find more about P. Flanigan & Sons online at http://www.pflanigan.com/.



Stancills, Inc. was founded in 1934 to provide aggregates and construction services throughout Maryland. Currently, it focuses on the production of engineered soils and aggregates on the Northern shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Perryville, MD. Renowned in their industry for their ability to meet extremely challenging specifications for soils used in green roof construction, bio-retention facilities, equestrian footing and sports field construction, ballistic testing mixes or ADA compliant path mixes such as the recently renovated path around the Washington Mall, Stancills, Inc. is known to provide exceptional product support and the highest quality materials. In order to meet the unique needs of a wide range of customers, Stancills, Inc. designed and built the blending equipment they use and is focused on the production of custom and highly engineered materials.

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