Whale Or Puffin


Three days ago we got our tickets and got in line to go on the whale and puffin boat tour. Don and I was first in line. We were excited to get the best sits on the boat. The problem, it got canceled the minute we got into line due to dense fog and high waves.

As soon as our cousin met up with us, we headed back to the ticket line and rescheduled for this morning. We woke to a sunny clear day. This time we were not first in line, but the tour was not canceled. We got our seats on the top for better viewing and off we went.

The trip lasted about four hours. I did not get scared or get seasick. Of course the sea sickness pill I took did help. There were all kinds of birds to see throughout the trip. But we did not see any whales. The only picture of a whale is the one on this boat docked next to us before we left.

The tour was not a waste though. I enjoyed the ride and learning about the many whale, birds and creatures that call the ocean their home. We did see a few dolphins and seal lions, but the best thing of all we did see the Atlantic Puffins.

On this one little island lives many puffins, gulls, ducks and sea lions. It was a great day to look for whale, but there were none to be found. It was also a great day to see puffins and there were plenty to see.

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