Twin’s Happy Birthday


Today is my older twin brother’s birthday. It is a bitter sweet day, since one is home with Jesus. I miss him very much. I want to call him, but can’t.

Growing up being part of two sets of twins in the family has been an adventure. Mom had all kinds of stories of the trouble that David and Richard would get into. Through out our school years their names were well know. I was the younger sister of the Bennett’s twin, even though I was a twin as well.

I know it must be hard for Richard to think about having another birthday without wishing his twin a happy one. It is the same thing with my grandson who has a twin who is also in heaven. Every year I think about Arthur’s twin, Mathew on their birthday and what he would be like.

When my birthday arrives each year, I think about my own twin and wonder if he is even alive. It has been many years since anyone has seen or heard from him.

Three sets of twins trying to have happy birthdays every years, but the problem is that one is missing from our lives.

Today, I wish my brother a Happy Birthday and share in the happy memories of his twin.

Happy Birthday Richard.

Happy Birthday David. I can’t wait to see you again when I get to heaven. I know that you are watching over Arthur’s twin and waiting for all of us to come home.

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