Jeannie Kahwajy: Catching Everything As Help


“I want to catch what people are offering, catch everything as help; like Aikido. Aikido is a martial art where it doesn’t matter what intention somebody is moving towards you with. I can always catch it as helpful energy — I get to develop this redirecting skill.” Jeannie Kahwajy is an executive coach and the CEO of Effective Interactions. She believes an attitude of love is the most effective way to show up for all our interactions. It’s a theory she’s put to the test (often with jaw-dropping results) in challenging encounters with diverse personalities, including a purse-thief on board a moving train, a seemingly biased employer, a cocky student, and a rude colleague. In this in-depth interview she shares fascinating stories of her approach, and helpful guidelines for putting it into practice. Learn more from this dynamic leader who is dedicated to the proposition that there’s no good reason to have a bad interaction. Ever.

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