Welcome to Canada: A Refugee’s Story


“I think that facing death changes people. Which is what happened with me.” Mohammed Alsaleh was a young medical student in Syria, dreaming of one day treating patients with cancer. Under the Assad regime he was arrested three times, held in 5 different detention centers, and tortured for 120 days before being released. In 2014 he was granted asylum in Canada where he began to rebuild his life. Now, the former medical student counsels newly-arrived Syrian refugee families with the same Vancouver-based NGO that helped his own resettlement. Like him, these families have left beloved ones behind and struggle with the pain and uncertainty of separation even as they try to rebuild their lives. Mohammed lives in hope that his family will one day be reunited in Canada. This short film captures not just his story, but through it, the story of thousands of displaced Syrians whose strength and humanity in the face of unspeakable horrors, has moved hearts all over the world.

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