Moving the Giants: An Urgent Plan To Save The Planet


“Moving the Giants” tells the story of arborist David Milarch. In 1991, Milarch had a near death experience that inspired a radical restructuring of his life with a goal to harness the incredible life force of redwood trees to generate healing and change. His efforts among the redwoods serve two purposes: First, as the planet warms and conditions for these redwoods change in their southernmost range, it is likely that many of these trees will die. By cloning and replanting them further north in places where they once thrived but have been clearcut, Milarch will preserve these majestic giants. Second, redwood trees are among the most effective carbon sequestration agents in the world. By planting these seedlings, Milarch takes part in a global effort to use one of natures most impressive achievements to chart a positive course for humanity.

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