Artistic Noise: Transforming the Lives of Incarcerated Youth


For fifteen years, Artistic Noise has been giving a voice to young people who might otherwise go unheard: those who are incarcerated, on probation, or otherwise involved in the justice system. By bringing the freedom and power of artistic practice to youths both inside detention facilities and out, Artistic Noise creates safe spaces for them to express themselves and provides continuity for those who are released into stressful and unstable conditions. Members also build community through collaborative projects, and learn valuable life and job skills. For some, time spent with Artistic Noise is the only part of the day to which they look forward. It is a time of healing from the trauma that contributed to their situations, a time to build self-confidence and hope. Despite what they have gone through or even what they have done, there is a chance at transformation, at changing the world, and it can start with being heard.

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