How well do you know your Harford County History?



Fallston – The little village, which bears this name, dates to the establishment of the first post office there in 1848. The name very likely originated from the fact the Little Falls Friends Meeting was moved in 1749 from near Little Gunpowder to it’s present location at Fallston. When the village had it’s first post office, situated where St. Mark’s Church now stands, the Little Falls Became Fallston (Falls Town).

The village in 1878 was no more than a country settlement with a few scattered homes, three stores, two shoemaker shops and a blacksmith shop.

While there was no doubt a small school in Fallston in the early 1800s, which was supported mostly by private funds, the first public school was erected in 1873.

The establishment of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in 1887, and it’s school in 1914, and the Episcopal Chapel in more recent years added greatly to the importance of Fallston. The community of scattered homes, churches, and stores has continued to be prosperous center of industry and residential life.


Reference: Our Harford Heritage by C. Million Wright, published 1967

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