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Over 18,000,000 Hits A Month

Over 1,250,000 Pageviews A Month

Harford County’s leading online Good News Only source! Operated by Danben, a locally veteran owned and operated company, Harford County Living receives over 60,000 unique visits, over 250,000 visits each month! We also get over 40,000 listens to our podcast on the website and through iTunes and Android devices each month! With different ad sizes and options to fit any budget, Harford County Living will help you reach more customers for less!

NEW for 2018: Sponsored Social Media Posts and or Ads, CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) Advertising, Pay-Per-Lead Advertising and Advertising Packages. Contact us for more details. 

HCL Guarantee: If you don’t get the results that we agree upon, you will get some form of compensation.


Stacey Rebbert of Harford Mutual Insurance said “Harford County Living has always been supportive of local organizations who need to get the word out and about sharing positive stories and events for our community. Thank you!”

Sarah and Christopher Coleman, owners of Four Seasons Nursery & Landscape Services stated “Working with Harford County Living has been great! They have really helped us boost our business! Harford County Living allows us to stay in front of our friends, neighbors, clients and future clients that are local to us and keeps us in touch with other businesses local to the area that we may want to work with! All in all it has been a great experience and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years!”

Terry Hartison proclaims “I love the fact that you only publish positive news and support the businesses in Harford County. Thank you!”

David Buchanan, of Nic’s Auto Services and Full Circle Tire & Auto, claims “Our ROI was $18 to every $1 spent with Harford County Living, over $9,000 in gross sales for every $500 spent. That is a huge return! Thank you.”

Molly Lauryssens said “This is such an amazing way to bring us altogether. They have good news and focus on all the positive things happening in our county. I’m so grateful to Rich for continuing to pour his efforts into bringing this community closer.”

Sandy Kapinos reported “Rich is a wonderful advocate for all things Harford County! Keep up the great work!”

Featuring: News, Events, Business of the Week & more!


Where will Harford County Living place my ad?

Podcast Sponsor

Your business can be the exclusive Sponsor of an episode of the Harford County Living Podcast

This is only available to 1 business each podcast and it stays up indefinitely for a low fee of $500

This consists of a banner ad on the scheduled podcast page with a link to your website, a text link to your website, audio commercial in the podcast, and your business featured on the Social Media post of the podcast as the Sponsor.

50% of all homes are podcast fans, that’s over 60 million homes according to Nielsen research

Ad Descriptions and Placements
All of our ads are live, clickable, linkable ads, except video ads. We don’t hide our rates, we have no reason to. We’re here to help your business grow, and if we charge high rates, you won’t succeed.

Sizes & Rates pixel size rate / 30 days

Leaderboard Ad Top is 728 x 90 pixels and is only $150 for 30 days

Leaderboard Ad News Article is 728 x 90 pixels and is only $130 for 30 days

  Sidebar Portrait Ad is 300 x 600 pixels and is only $245 for 30 days

Sidebar Ad is 300 x 250 pixels and is only $170 for 30 days

 Video Ad is 300 x 250 pixels and is only $375 for 30 days

Square Ad is 125 x 125 pixels and is only $30 for 30 days

You can view the actual sizes below.


Our leaderboard ads run in 3 distinct positions: in the header on the home page, alongside our logo on the feature pages and in news articles – absolutely front and center! The leaderboard ad is placed into a rotating schedule with no more than 4 ads running at a time on the pages and no more than 8 ads running at a time for News Articles.

728 x 90 Leaderboard 

Sidebar Ads

Our friendly Sidebar ads are just the thing to get the word out. These ads run along the right hand side of the web site. They are placed into a rotating schedule, in 4 positions, with no more than 12 ads running at a time.

300 x 250 Sidebar Medium Rectangle

Video Ad

Sidebar Portrait 

The Sidebar Portrait ad is our SUPER sized ad! It runs on all pages in the top sidebar location on the right hand side of the web site. Yes, sometimes BIGGER is BETTER! This is the ad that will get you noticed. The Sidebar Portrait ad is placed into a rotating schedule with no more than 6 ads running at a time.

300 x 600 Portrait

Square Ads

Our smaller Square ads are just the thing to kickstart your business, or help generate sales or leads. Whether you’re a salesperson at a business, or a one person shop, this is very affordable, yet effective. These ads run along the right hand side of the web site. They are placed into a rotating schedule.

We are growing, and we want you to grow with us. 

Harford County Living is not like your other local websites. You will never find negative News on, we only publish Good News. We believe that repetition is key when it comes to advertising, that’s why your ad will always be up and running.  Because of these simple little things, is growing rapidly.

NOTE: Contact us about our exclusive ads and special packages.

Contact us today and let us put together an advertising package that will help you Reach More People For Less!!!

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NOTE: We recommend that you advertise with more than one source, but please do your homework. There are sources out there that claim to be local, but they are not. Some are headquartered in another state or even another country. We are more than happy to provide you with information for other advertising sources even if you don’t advertise with us. We believe in supporting all local businesses.

Use this free tool to help determine your costs, cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), and the number of exposures.

CPM Calculator

CPM Calculator



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