Harford Community College Board Approves Faculty Tenure and Promotions

Photo Credit: Lauren Raygor, Harford Community College

Dr. Theresa B. Felder, President of Harford Community College, is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees approved faculty tenure and promotion recommendations as listed below at the May 14 Board meeting.

The Board approved faculty tenure and promotions as follows:

• A tenure contract to the following faculty: Terry Surasky

• A promotion to the rank of Associate Professor to the following faculty: Dr. Tamara Biegas, Mark Dencler, Dr. Sven Holbik, and Brian Lazarus

• A tenure contract and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor to the following faculty: Amy Cedrone, AC Chapin, Dr. Nena Craven, Deborah Dorsey, Nicollette Krenzien, Dr. James Kuterbach, Theresa Lilienthal, Breonna Martin, and Dr. William Stephens

• A promotion to the rank of Professor to the following employees: Andrew Adams, Dr. Sonia Galvan, Elizabeth Holmes, Cindy Kelley, and Jaclyn Madden   

The Board of Trustees grants tenure to those who have satisfied all requirements for tenure and who have been recommended by their division dean, the tenure & promotion committee, the vice president for academic affairs, and the president.

All contracts and promotions are effective August 15, 2024.

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