Pets of the Week for June 17, 2024


Thor, Cinnabon, Gwenyth Poultry & Henneth Paltrow

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

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Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week- Thor

Thor is looking to meet you! The algorithm has told us he’s your highest match. Here are the stats: 3 years old, 81 lbs (a big dude!), located in Fallston, MD but willing to relocate if you’re “The One.”  Just because he’s the god of thunder doesn’t mean he knows anything about Thunder Alley with Ed Asner and Andrew Keegan. Canceled 90s sitcoms aren’t his jam- he’s 3! Better stick to topics he loves like water and toys. He gets along with other dogs, but cats are waaaay too interesting to him. Come to the shelter for a meet and let’s make this thing official!

Cat of the Week- Cinnabon

Meet you at the mall. There’s no time to waste

I’m so glad you called!

Cinnabon is a delight! When you’re in the middle of Mall Madness, you’re going to need a friend with style like this classic tabby. 3 year old Cinnabon is sweet as hechts and won’t mind when you douse yourself in Lovespell.  She’ll share some of your Sbarros and take a nap on the massage chair in Sharper Image.

Visit Cinnabon in our community room and then take her home so you can mochalatta chill after a day full of shopping at Contempo Casuals and Sam Goody!

Critter of the Week- Gwenyth Poultry and Henneth Paltrow

Gwenyth Poultry and Henneth Paltrow are 2 chickens leading parallel lives. They each had a Sliding Doors moment and ended up in the shelter, but their story doesn’t end here! Adopt these fine feathered ladies and see where the timeline takes you.

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