Pets of the Week for May 13, 2024


Renzo, Pixie & Bell Bottom

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

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Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week- Renzo

Renzo is a goofy 2 year old boy with a great smile. He loves to run, run, run! He does well on a leash and knows his basic commands. Renzo loves treats and praise for doing a good job. He wants so badly to be a gentleman but sometimes all the excitement he has just bursts out and he’s gotta jump for joy! He seems to like other dogs, no experience with cats that we know of. If you’ve got some energy and love a good trail walk, come meet Renzo!

Cat of the Week- Pixie

Are you looking for a cat with a bit of sass and independence?  6.5 year old Pixie is not your typical lap cat. In fact, Pixie has made it clear that she prefers her personal space and isn’t one to cozy up for love and affection. But hey, who needs cuddles when you’ve got charm and character?

She’s a cat who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know it- which is a few scratches on the head. But she’ll keep you entertained with her playful antics and curious nature.  And those eyes! If you can’t resist some love bites, come meet Pixie!

Critter of the Week- Bell Bottom

Pardon the intrusion on your scrolling. Bell Bottom here, embarking on a quest of epic proportions to woo the hearts and minds of all who read here. I present myself to you today on bended knee in search of female companionship. I am longing for a sprawling country estate on which to free-roam and call my own. I am but a young man of nearly 8 months in age and I have been hand-raised with the greatest of care. If you are in need of a faithful rooster, inquire about me immediately, for every moment we are apart is a moment forever lost that could otherwise be spent in the eternal bliss of love.

Most Sincerely, Bell Bottom the Rooster

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