Pets of the Week for January 15, 2024


Orson, Traveler & Lobster Pot

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

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Our adoption special for January is a Winter Wonderland White Sale. Animals who are at least a year old and have any white fur are 50% off.

Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week- Orson

Meet Orson, the fun-loving and cuddly mixed breed. At just 1 years old, he’s always ready for exciting adventures and long walks. He absolutely adores cuddling and working on basic training. His energy is contagious to everyone he meets! Whether he’s running around or exploring new places, Orson’s zest for life is truly infectious! If you think Orson would make a perfect dog for your family, come on in and give the secret password “treats.”

Cat of the Week- Traveler

Meet Traveler, a sweet and gentle cat with a heart of gold. Traveler is a 2.5 year old, laidback kitty who enjoys the simple things in life like bird watching and napping in the sun. She absolutely adores the feeling of being brushed and pampered and will purr contently as you groom her soft fur. And when she’s feeling especially happy, she’ll make biscuits on her blanket as a way to show her appreciation. If you’re looking for a cute and quiet companion who doesn’t mind other feline friends, then Traveler is the perfect match for you.

Critter of the Week- Lobster Pot

Conceited? Not me,

It’s just that I am what I am and I’m me!

When I look at myself and I see in myself

All the wonderful things that I see

If I’m pleased with myself

I have ev’ry good reason to be.

I’ve gotta crow!

I’m just the cleverest fellow

‘Twas ever my fortune to know

I am Lobster Pot and you better come meet my fine self before someone beautiful hens come and snatch me up!

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