Pets of the Week for May 8, 2023


Duke, Turner & Mitski

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

Sponsored by Eternal Pawprints Veterinary Hospice

Adoption Special for May 1-15: Empty the Shelters

From May 1-15 all dogs over a year old are $50 and all cats over a year old are just $20 to adopt, sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation and Dogtopia. More information is at

Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week – DUKE

Age: 7 years

Color: White & Grey

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $50 from May 1-15 sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation

Have you ever heard the saying, “the clothes make the man”? Well in my case, I think the ears make the dog! Hi there, I’m Duke and I’ve one seriously irresistible pair of ears that really are just the gateway to all the rest of my charm. Everyone here thinks I’m the bee’s knees; a big guy with a gentle soul. I love going for walks around the property and I know not to pull my handler around. Afterwards, I like to snuggle or settle down with a yummy treat. If you’re looking for a bigger boy with an even bigger heart, look no further. I’m right here at the shelter!

Cat of the Week – TURNER

Age: 8 years

Color: Brown & White

Breed: Domestic Longhair Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $20 from May 1-15 sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation

Hi, my name is Turner and if you try to walk by my cage without saying hello, you can bet I’m gonna meow at you to “turner-ound” this instant and acknowledge my adorableness! I’m pretty darn handsome too so I like to think I can get away with being a little bratty sometimes. If you’re a cat savvy person though and the idea of a cat with some sass doesn’t bother you, I think we’d be great friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a blast to hang out with and I can see myself really bonding with my future humans but you’ve gotta love me for me, cattitude and all. I enjoy rolling around in catnip, scratching on my scratch pads, and rubbing up against my people pals. Except for the smaller people called children, I don’t think I would like those. As for other kitties, I love to play and wrestle so I would enjoy having a buddy to tumble around with who doesn’t mind playing rough. If you happen to drive past the shelter and don’t stop in to see me, you better make a U-turner ASAP, come in and ask for me, Turner!

Critter of the Week MITSKI

Age: 2 years

Color: Grey & White

Breed: Rabbit

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $25

If you’ve never had a rabbit before but have always wanted one, PICK ME! Hi, my name is Mitski, and I’m a very sweet & social female bunny who would be a wonderful furry friend for a first-time rabbit owner since I am very outgoing and am quite comfortable being handled. I’d love to go to a home where I would have lots of space to hop around and explore. I am crazy about lettuce (no surprise there) and will eagerly wait by my cage door for you to bring me some tasty treats and give me cuddles! So come visit me today and let’s hop away in the sunset together.

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