4 Ways to Communicate More Effectively at Work

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Effective communication helps reduce misunderstandings, fosters a positive workplace vibe, encourages productive collaboration, and helps prepare team members for challenging situations the company may experience. Here are four ways to communicate more effectively at work.

Be Clear and Concise The fewer words you use to communicate, the better. Try to keep your written and verbal communications while at work as short and direct as possible. Use simple, clear language, avoid technical terms, and keep it brief for more effective communication.

Actively Listen – In our screen-centric world, active listening is a lost art. Be the team member who is known to really listen and pay close attention to the message someone is sharing. When a coworker is talking to you, or you’re reading an email from a colleague, don’t do anything else. Listen, validate, ask clarifying questions, and then respond.

Watch Your Body Language – Effective communication isn’t only about what you say – it’s also how you say it. Your body language speaks volumes; when communicating with coworkers, make sure it’s sending the same message as your words. Avoid crossing your arms or tapping your foot. Both behaviors communicate impatience and an eagerness for the conversation to end. Positive body language can help keep the conversation smooth and productive for everyone.

Upgrade Your Emails – Most people shoot out emails mindlessly throughout the workday. Follow these tips to ensure you’re hitting all the right bases with your online missives:

  • Write descriptive subject lines. This will grab the attention of the recipient and let them know you aren’t wasting their time.
  • Break up your text to make it more readable. Use bullet points, numbered lists and paragraph breaks to keep the text flowing.
  • Don’t bury the lead. Make sure the most important point of your email isn’t buried at the end of a long paragraph the recipient may not even read.

Effective communication makes the nine-to-five life smoother and more productive. Use these tips to improve your workplace communication.

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