Running For 31 Hours To Celebrate 31 Years Of Sobriety With Charlie Engle


A Conversation with Charlie Engle

Best Selling Author and Celebrating 31 Years of Sobriety 

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In this special Rage Talk episode, Rich and cohost Wendy Beck have a conversation with Charlie Engle.

Charlie Engle is a globally renowned ultra-endurance athlete who has made significant contributions to the world of adventure sports. He is the founder of the ambitious 5.8 Global Adventure Series, which involved trekking from the lowest to the highest points on all seven continents. Charlie is also a highly accomplished ultramarathon runner, having completed hundreds of races worldwide. His incredible determination and athletic ability were highlighted in the documentary film, Running the Sahara, produced and narrated by Matt Damon. The film documented his historic journey across the world’s largest desert, where he ran nearly two marathons a day for 111 consecutive days, covering over 4,500 miles. Charlie’s transcontinental run through deep sand and politically unstable countries remains one of the most remarkable accomplishments in the ultra-endurance and adventure sports worlds.

Charlie’s memoir, Running Man, became a bestseller shortly after it was published in 2016. The book details his inspiring life story, including his battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and how he overcame impossible odds to become the athlete he is today. Charlie practices various therapeutic activities, including yoga, meditation, and cryotherapy, to stay sharp and healthy. He has been a plant-based athlete for over two decades.

Charlie is a dynamic speaker who has captivated audiences worldwide, delivering keynote speeches at prestigious events such as the Boston Marathon, Google, the National Geographic Society, NATO, the United Nations, and the deck of a nuclear-class U.S. Naval aircraft carrier. He is also a featured presenter on Tony Robbins Power of Success Tour. He has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, National Geographic Weekend, Outside, Runner’s World, Men’s Journal, and NPR’s All Things Considered, among others. Charlie resides in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife, Astacianna Hatcher.

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Running Man — Charlie Engle

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