Julia’s Dream Of Being With Her Love Survives Threats Mockery And Isolation


A Conversation with Judalon de Bornay

Author and Teacher

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In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Judalon de Bornay.

Judalon discovered her passion for history when she was ten. She opened her great-grandfather’s old hump-backed trunk and found a law book and a Texas history from the 1850s. It was love. That love grew to embrace all things antiquarian: books, textiles, jewelry, and furniture, just to list a few. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Anthropology, she went on to become a Social Sciences teacher in California. Her passion for lovely old things led her to extra jobs: opening vintage shops, including a rare bookstore.

As a child, she discovered her passion for writing when her grandmother introduced her to a Bronte family biography that described Charlotte and her siblings creating tiny books written in miniscule script. Dozens of miniature Bronte-esque creations followed, along with mounds of awful poetry, TV scripts, and plays (none of which ever saw the light of day.)

Finally, the two came together in the creation of Great Crossing, A Forgotten Love Story. Judalon learned about Julia and Richard while developing a unit on US vice-presidents for her history students. “Someone should make their story into a novel!” she told her husband, author Christopher Manes. “That someone should be you,” he suggested.

Where did her name originate? With The Iron Mistress, a book by Paul Wellman made into a 1952 starring Alan Ladd and Virginia Mayo. The not-so-loveable love interest of Alamo hero Jim Bowie, Judalon de Bornay had a name that captivated about a dozen or so daring young romantics, like her parents, during the baby boom. There’s a street named Judalon in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

She is the mother of three miracle children, the lucky stepmom of four, and the grateful grandma of two boys and two girls. She and her husband live in the Coachella Valley along with two rescue cats and too many books.

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