Havre de Grace Synagogue to Host Purim Carnival Fundraiser

Purim Carnival attendees enjoyed the grand finale “Pie Haman” event last year, when a reluctant, but willing, Principal Sarah O’Donnell, was pied in the face for all to enjoy. This annual fundraiser is held at Temple Adas Shalom, a reform synagogue located at the corner of N Earlton Road Extension and Route 155 in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Pictured Left to Right: Sarah O’Donnell, Aoife O’Donnell, Orlah Stewart, Ronan O’Donnell, James Stewart (Picture by Michael Goldman, One Rock Event Group)

Harford Jewish Center invites community families to a carnival fundraiser on Sunday, February 26

Temple Adas Shalom’s Kehillah MAGNET Religious School is pleased to announce that their annual Purim Carnival fundraiser is open to all community families who want to enjoy the festivities.  Come celebrate the traditional Jewish customs of Purim at the carnival on Sunday, February 26, between 12 – 2 pm at The Harford Jewish Center in Havre de Grace.  Attendees of all ages are encouraged to dress in costumes for the event.  The indoor carnival will feature games, prizes, crafts, face painting, food, traditional hamantaschen cookies, fun costumes, and more.

Purim is an ancient Jewish holiday, the events of which are recounted in the Biblical Book of Esther, in which the Jews of Ancient Persia narrowly escape annihilation, and instead turn the tables on their “would-be” captor.  It has become customary to celebrate with carnivals, plays, costumes, and general merriment in modern Jewish culture. 

“We are so excited to bring our Purim Carnival to the community,” stated Kehillah MAGNET Principal, Sarah O’Donnell.  “It is nice to be able to share our culture and customs with allies and friends.  It truly enforces the real lesson of the Purim holiday, which is to honor our Jewish heritage, promote religious tolerance, and reduce antisemitism.” 

Families are welcome to come play traditional carnival games and enjoy the merriment and special customs of the holiday.  Meal and game tickets can be purchased at the door with cash, check, or a credit card (credit card fees may apply).  Children under 2 can play for free.  Security officers will be on site to ensure the safety and security of members and guests.

About The Kehillah MAGNET Religious School at Temple Adas Shalom

The Kehillah MAGNET provides Religious School classes to Pre-K through Grade 10 students on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am to noon during the school year. Additionally, Kehillah MAGNET offers virtual Hebrew School classes to Grades 3 through Grades 6 students every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  The mission of Temple Adas Shalom Kehillah MAGNET is to provide and promote the highest quality religious education to a diverse community of Jewish children.  Kehillah MAGNET focuses on inspiring a love for Jewish culture, history, tradition, and Torah while cultivating students to become responsible and caring community members. More information is available at harfordjewishcenter.org.

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