Harford County Executive Cassilly Issues Statement on Approval of School Board Appointments


Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly issued the following statement on the County Council’s approval of his three appointments to the Board of Education: Dr. Aaron Poynton, Theresa Kocher, and Lauren Strauss:

“I would like to thank the Council for approving my appointments to the Harford County Board of Education. I am confident that these new members will enable the Board to fully perform their responsibility to provide a high-quality education for all students. These new members’ ability to efficiently manage large budgets and provide effective oversight of our schools is urgently needed.

It is also my hope that our new Board members will see fit to require their staff to provide detailed presentations on student achievement, so we can all track how our students are progressing. Such an active board would provide the level of attention and transparency necessary so that we can all work together to improve outcomes for Harford’s children.”

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