Pets of the Week for January 30, 2023


Drake, Panini, Larry & Berry

These pets are looking for great homes like yours!

Go to Featured Pets – The Humane Society of Harford County ( to adopt the following pets:

Dog of the Week – DRAKE

Age: 3 years

Color: Brown & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $80 all January (regularly $160)

Skrrrrttt, STOP! Hit the brakes, look no further and come see me. I’m Drake and I promise my little heart-shaped face will light up at the mere sight of a potential new family! I am a loving boy who likes to go on long walks and run around like I’m on a race track. I have a need for speed. I like to sniff new things and go on new adventures. I would need a home without any other dogs because I’m more of a people person and would love to have all of your undivided attention. 🙂 So if you want to see this adorable mug in person, come down and meet me!

Cat of the Week – PANINI

Age: 3.5 years

Color: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $95

Who knew that smashing ooey gooey cheese and meat into a sandwich press would be a game changer? Hi, I’m Panini and speaking of food, I get so excited at breakfast and dinner time that I’ll greet you eagerly with adorable little chirps! Fun fact about me: I am a big fan of the seafood flavors so be sure to stock up on some salmon- and shrimp-flavored canned food. I would love to find a calm, quiet home with a cat savvy person who will give me all the time I need to settle in and feel comfortable with my new surroundings. And I would love to have some kitty brothers and sisters who are friendly and easy-going! So ask for me by name: Pa-Nee-Nee (it’s so fun to say, right?)

Critter of the Week – LARRY & BERRY

Age: 2 years

Color: Gold, Red & Black

Breed: Welsummer or Copper Black Maran

Gender: Males

Adoption Fee: $10 each

If you’d like chicks this year, are looking for a gorgeous rooster to protect your flock, or even a pair of males to integrate into your bachelor flock, we’ve got the hookup! We’re not sure what breed(s) Larry and Berry are (perhaps Welsummer or Copper Black Maran), but we can tell you they are friendly toward people and with one another. These boys have beautiful singing voices and would love to lend their talents to the soundtrack of your farm!

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